While TXB is constantly looking to enhance our products to meet customer needs, our team is also focused on reducing our impact on the environment.

Our responsibility in creating a cleaner environment starts with minimizing single-use plastic and foam materials. TXB has transitioned to paper coffee cups, chicken boxes, sandwich wraps and to-go containers with plans to introduce paper straws, bags and side containers in the near future. By making this switch to more sustainable packaging, we will save the environment from almost 1 million pounds of foam and plastic materials over the next 10 years.

Our TXB private label products also prioritize eco-friendly resources to move away from harmful plastic materials, including:

  • Compostable TXB Coffee K-Cups
  • TXB Tea glass bottles with paper labels
  • 100% recyclable and rPET-free TXB Water Bottles

By designing our private label line with sustainable resources, we will save the environment from over 3 million pounds of plastic over the next 10 years.

You might notice some other functional, eco-friendly updates at our stores, too. TXB will be removing paper towels from all of our restrooms and replacing them with energy-efficient high-speed hand dryers. In addition, we are retrofitting all existing stores and upgrading to LED lights that use 75% less energy. Finally, at all new store builds, we are installing electric vehicle rapid charging stations to help promote and foster the use of EVs in our communities (you’ll notice these are already available at our Georgetown location!).


We are committed to bringing the delicious taste of Texas to our community and TXB never takes shortcuts. Our fresh-food menu items and private label products use safe, high-quality ingredients to ensure the best of the best in every bite and sip. TXB Fountain Drinks and Teas are made with 100% Pure Cane Sugar (no corn syrup or preservatives), and our TXB Fajitas and Jerky are made with 100% beef or chicken, without fillers, antibiotics or hormones.

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