Breakfast Tacos

Fresh-made tacos with generous portions of bacon, sausage, chorizo, or potato and egg wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Top off your taco with salsa verde or salsa roja, or some fresh-cut pico de gallo.

Bacon egg

Sausage egg

Chorizo egg

Potato egg

Brisket egg cheese

Bacon egg bean cheese

Chorizo egg bean cheese

Potato egg bean cheese

Potato egg bacon bean cheese

Sausage egg bean cheese


Carne guisada

How about coffee with your breakfast?

If you haven’t yet discovered our gourmet coffees, you are in for a treat. Brewed fresh, our 100 percent Arabica blends have a rich, fresh bold aroma and taste. Choose from delicious House Blend (also available in Decaf), rich bold Dark Roast, or Southern Pecan. Make your coffee your way with our variety of flavored condiments. Use your kwikcard every time you purchase coffee or cappuccino and earn your sixth cup free! We guarantee you will enjoy our fresh-brewed coffee!

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